On Wednesday, as the bitter Oklahoma cold took its bite on residents, the scent of fresh doughnuts and brewing coffee filled the air at the grand opening of the second location of Wright Donuts, 501 SW 11th.

Vandy Kong, the owner of both Wright Donut locations, previously leased and managed Daylight Donuts and Tai Food Express.

“The business was very busy and successful,” Kong said.

Kong decided to close the Daylight Donuts and Tai Food Express store to spend time with his family when he and his wife’s twin daughters were born.

Kong is from Cambodia. He and his family moved to America because, “We love the country and the freedom — the freedom to dream.”

Growing up in Cambodia, Kong said that it was his dream to “one day own a business,” though he did not have a specific business in mind at that time.

Running a business has been part of Kong’s life for quite some time. In Cambodia, he ran his own motorcycle taxi business.

Kong said that much of his family was tragically killed in what was known as “The Killing Fields” of Cambodia, including all family on his father’s side and much of his mother’s family, except for five uncles and two aunts.

“I never saw most of my family,” Kong said. “My uncles and aunts helped me,” he said, adding that they supported him through school and his businesses.

“I work for my family,” Kong said, adding that his wife, Kim Long Nouv, and son Vanda work in the store as well.

A regular customer of Wright Donuts, Pat Hernasy, said that she also shops at the first location on Gore.

“I just worked out at the gym,” Hernasy said. When asked which doughnt was her favorite, she said, “All of them are my favorites.”

The menu is the same as the first location at 2419 W. Gore. The Gore location is managed by Kong’s brother. A variety of food items such as glazed or chocolate doughnuts, bear claws, twists, as well as cinnamon rolls, cakes, pigs in a blanket, croissants, breakfast sandwiches and more are offered. There are many drink items as well, including coffee, water and a variety of juices and sports drinks.

The food products are made from scratch, Kong said. He and his wife and son usually arrive at the store at 1 a.m. to begin preparation for making the doughnuts and other items for the day.

Wright Donuts is open from 5 a.m. to 1 p.m. every day.

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