Lawton Motor Sports building

Crews install the metal siding of a new building under construction for Lawton Motor Sports at Cache Road and Northwest 52nd Street.

After a hotter-than-expected spring and early summer, Lawton building permits cooled in August.

Builders purchased permits totaling $2.35 million last month. Commercial permits totaled $1.61 million. The city issued only one permit for a single-family home last month. The value was put at $250,000.

The largest commercial permit, valued at $500,000, was for a new 1,600-square-foot Sonic restaurant at 1609 N. Sheridan which will replace the Sonic that was formerly at 2820 N. Sheridan.

The second-largest commercial permit, valued at $450,000, was to remodel the Country Mart supermarket at 4510 E. Lee.

Other large commercial permits included:

•A $200,000 permit to construct a 1,239-square-foot Chiefs Smokin’ Ice House at 1801 W. Gore;

•A $150,000 remodeling permit for a 1,480-square-foot Marco’s Pizza at 5127 W. Gore;

•A $70,000 permit for remodeling at the newly reopened AMC Patriot 13 theater, 2803 NW 67th;

•A $55,000 permit to upgrade the T-Mobile cell tower at 914 NW 21st;

•A $37,000 permit to construct a sidewalk at Ridgecrest Elementary School, 1614 NW 47th;

•A $15,000 remodeling permit for a Ross Donuts store at 1807 W. Gore; and

•A $15,000 remodeling permit for a marijuana dispensary at 1907 W. Gore.

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