What’s changing at the landfill

Set the gate fee at $3 per load, meaning almost everyone who brings a load of debris to the landfill must pay $3 to enter (the fee now is $1).

Designated two-thirds of the revenue generated by that $3 gate fee to Lawton Enhancement Trust Authority to abate blowing litter on arterials (city divisions will implement remedies inside the landfill). The remaining one-third of the fee would continue to be designated for infrastructure improvements and collection of bulk debris from those who are not City of Lawton utility customers.

Amended the city’s fee structure to set a new $3 gate fee, and penalize all haulers who bring unsecured loads of debris to the landfill with a $25 charge.

Let city code specify loads of debris must be secured, which will allow haulers to decide whether that means covering debris with a tarp.

The changes go into effect in mid-January.

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