Green Cover Seed, headquartered in Bladen, Neb., has opened a third location in Mountain View.

Green Cover Seed specializes in cover crop seed and custom seed mixing.

Green Cover Seed is a family-owned business with a history that runs deep in agriculture. Brothers Keith and Brian Berns utilized their farming experience and a plot of land to begin experimenting with new farming practices. The Berns brothers started Green Cover Seed as a way to share the benefits of cover crops and no-till farming with the community. They’ve worked hard over the past several years to research and incorporate their methods in their own fields and help others do the same. What they’ve found are efficient methods that can offer an increase in soil structure, organic matter, biological life, water infiltration rate, nutrient cycling, and wildlife, according to a press release.

Recently, Green Cover Seed purchased a facility in Mountain View. Brett Peshek, who has been with Green Cover Seed for six years, will be the lead salesman and customer service rep for the Mountain View facility. Jordan Hakanson will be the site manager. Contact Brett Peshek, 402-705-9916, to discuss cover crop seed options that can be shipped from Mountain View.

The company is in the process of establishing their seed inventory, equipment and personnel to make Mountain View a full-service location and they will stock more than 100 different cover crop seed species.

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