Letter to the Editor

As we are nearing the end of Women's History Month which has been set aside for March each year, I want to ask each of you to reflect on the many contributions made by women in the past, currently, and in the future. Take a minute and uplift ALL WOMEN everywhere, starting with yourself. Some of the pioneers are still living. Yes, we can hear you and we will respond.

However, if you did not know, women are resilient. We speak truth to power. It is our time now. Women, as we continue the fight, ponder these questions that might emerge within our/your being and externally.

-How as a woman, especially a minority woman, do I make my voice heard,

-How can we elevate our collective voices,

-How can a woman, especially a minority woman, run for office,

-How do I get on a board or commission.

Some known strategies to raising the bar, continued accomplishments, and thriving, are to consider these terms: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion which are known as EDI. Take a minute and think of how you might apply each and get going.

 Let us help and support each other. Yes, we are ALL in this together. With our collective voices, we must speak up and speak out. Stir up some GOOD TROUBLE. The American poet Maya Angelou said, "I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it."


Arlie Hampton

Lawton League of Women Voters, President