The Comanche County District Court raised the bond of a man accused of about six month’s worth of mayhem.

Following the District Attorney’s office’s request to increase Robert Lawrence Fisher’s bond to $200,000 for two felony cases, mental health observation and evaluation was ordered, records indicate.

Fisher, 38, was charged last week with a felony count of stalking. He was accused of throwing bread into his ex-wife’s yard, along with a dead chinchilla which was reeled back by him using a fishing rod, according to the probable cause affidavit. Twelve-grain wheat bread littered her yard and was found inside his vehicle.

A protective order was in place against Fisher at that time.

Fisher’s bond was raised by Special District Judge Grant Sheperd. The judge gave him a $200,000 bond for one case of indecent exposure after he was accused of lewdly exposing himself to a family with children as well as for a July 2020 assault and battery charge. His bond for two separate misdemeanor charges of protective order violation were raised to $10,000 each.

Fisher had been freed on the reduced bond since Sept. 29, 2020, after he’d been accepted into the six-month First Step Recovery Program in Oklahoma City.

Sheperd also ordered that Fisher undergo mental health and substance abuse evaluation. A written report is due back to the court by March 8, according to the order.

Fisher returns to court at 3 p.m. April 19 for his preliminary hearing conference regarding the stalking charge, records indicate.

Written by Scott Rains:

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