Excitement was erupting in Kayla Durgin’s classroom Wednesday morning at Bishop Public School as students got ready to set off volcanoes.

“It is pretty cool because I never built a volcano. It is my first time, but I think I am going to do good,” said Malachi Adams, a student at Bishop School.

Starting at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, Durgin’s class finished up the last lesson about volcanoes. To end the unit, the class learned the differences between an endothermic and exothermic reactions inside of volcanoes. The student were taught how to distinguish volcanoes that can either absorb the heat and lava, or an endothermic reaction, or release the heat pressure, known as exothermic reaction. To give the students a physical representation, the class erupted the volcanoes they have spent more than a week creating.

After the teaching lesson, the class would carry their volcanoes outside for the eruption. By mixing vinegar, baking soda and food coloring for personal touch, students began the explosions one at a time.

“The volcanoes make them want to come to summer school. Most kids do not want to give up their summer, and so they are learning while having fun. It makes them want to be here,” said Durgin.

With other Bishop classes in attendance, Durgin’s class had a crowd to watch and support the students erupting the volcanoes. It also gives them a glimpse into the future for when it is their time to build one.

“We were even thinking about changing it up and trying Coke and Mentos inside the volcanoes, and show them how it can react that way as well. After they came in this year, asking to do the volcanoes, I am pretty sure we will continue to do them,” said Durgin.

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