Gunfire into a home has police in search of a suspect described as belligerent and intoxicated.

Lawton Police Sgt. Christopher Tally reported being on patrol Tuesday afternoon in the 900 block of Southwest 9th Street when he was waved over by a woman who said an unknown male at a nearby home had approached her, another woman and a man who were sitting on the porch around 9 p.m. Monday. She told him the intoxicated suspect threw coins at the three of them and was being confrontational.

One of the woman’s adult sons came outside and told the suspect to stop disrespecting his mother and the suspect left. A short while later, the suspect returned, said “What now?” and pulled a pistol from his waistband, the report states. When the man cocked the hammer, the three people ran inside the house where they heard the sound of a gunshot. When they went back outside, the man was gone.

A witness told Tally that she’d seen the incident. She said the man pulled a black pistol out of his waistband, cocked it and pointed the pistol at the people on the porch, according to the report. She said he raised the pistol and shot once but she thought he aimed over the house. She also said the people remained on the porch the whole time.

Tally reported seeing an impact site from the gunshot to the front of the house. It was high above the ground and close to the roofline, the report states.

Written by Scott Rains:

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