WASHINGTON, D.C. — Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford, (R) helped introduce the Record of Military Service for Members of the Armed Forces Act of 2021.

The act will help reserve component members of the U.S. Armed Forces, including members of the Reserves and National Guard, to receive the benefits they have earned following their retirement or completion of service by ensuring they receive the same DD-214 form as other members of the military.

In addition to directing all branches of the military to provide Reserve Component servicemembers with a DD-214 Form upon their retirement or separation from the service, the bill updates the form to show all periods of service to include annual training and inactive training periods and total inactive service time for a member’s current service period.

The bill brings commonality to discharge forms for all components of the military regardless of whether they are active or reserve, streamlines the administrative requirements on the National Guard by reducing the number of separation documents administrative support specialists must be trained and proficient completing. It provides all servicemembers with proof of service that will consolidate all service periods allowing them to apply for all entitled benefits while reducing confusion at federal, state, and local agencies.

The DD-214 form is often required by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and other private-sector institutions to certify qualification for benefits after completion of service. The Record of Military Service for Members of the Armed Forces Act of 2021 would establish a single-tier document system so that all servicemembers receive the same all-purpose document and that there’s no difference between the active and reserve components.

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