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Traveling through Forizzle gives mom chance to connect

Last week, just like the pioneers before me way back in the Ice Age, I set out in my car on a very important mission, braving the elements with the single goal of driving up to Norman to see my college girl.

Though perhaps a bit overstated, I take my cue from the weather reporters who, while driving all over town, encourage everyone else to stay home because it's entirely too dangerous, as they look out over an interstate that is flowing freely, dry as a bone. The Norman crew managed to find a fender-bender due to slick conditions, though no one I knew in that area could confirm any precipitation.

So, confused as ever as to who was crazy, me or them, I ventured out despite the fear of getting stranded or worse in yet another Snowpocalypse.

In our area, the weather reports also get confusing. I think the biggest problem is that Southwest Oklahoma covers about a thousand mile radius, to include Texas. So when we see that 30 percent chance, it can mean anywhere from my front yard to Amarillo, Texas. And for whatever it's worth, I really only care about my back yard.

Anyway, I digress.  

So off I go. The worst conditions were from about 20 miles out to the halfway mark. The problem was a light fog and a freezing drizzle, heretofore know as Forizzle. I drove just under the speed limit, and cars were passing me like crazy. But then, somewhere along the way, we all slowed down and I was in the lead, leaving me with a slightly uneasy feeling.

The truth is I am a big chicken driving in ice and snow. Reasons for that are simple, and involve terrifying spin-outs and a feeling of no control, which is also terrifying for me. Plus there's that Teenage Daughter Flips Her Truck thing.

Along the way, I decided to stop for gas and info at the halfway mark, and bundled up to go inside. As I went through the door, I held it open for a guy going out, who made full eye contact and then said to me, "thank you, sir."

Guess it was a bad hair day. Thankfully that was the worst thing to happen to me that day. I bought a bottle of water, a bag of Doritos and a pack of gum, provisions in case my car were to disappear down a culvert and no one could find me. I was determined not to be that girl who chews her arm off.

After a few more miles north, the Forizzle cleared and it was pretty good from then on out. My girl and I had lunch and ran some errands, when I started to get reports of more Forizzle  here at home. I cut the day short and headed back, and was fine until about 10 miles out of town, where there was an accident on the turnpike, clearly due to the Forizzle which was Forizzle starting to come down pretty good.

Then it was time to catch up with the other girl, who though she stated that the roads were slick and she almost died a time or two, was determined to drive all over town just like normal. I drove to her and insisted she follow me home, and we made it safely back, where I almost busted my butt rolling the trash out to the curb.

That's when I found my warm spot on the couch and curled up under a blanket with two remotes in my hand, one to the gas fireplace and one to the TV. I've been experiencing carpal tunnel lately and I think I know why.

I am Forizzle sick of all this cold weather. Come on, Spring.

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