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Rushing 911 Call

Rushing: Hello, its 1116 Northwest Columbia Avenue; shots fired; my dad and brother are hit and…
Dispatcher: Ok. What's the address 1116..
Rushing: Northwest Columbia avenue
Dispatcher: Northwest Columbia avenue, is that a house or an apartment?
Rushing: It's a house, it's surrounded by a chain-linked fence as well.
Dispatcher: Ok what's the phone number you're calling from
Rushing: 580-583-5007
Dispatcher: Okay. Tell me exactly what happened.
Rushing: Okay. We were all…laying down in our living room and some dudes come in with boots, like bootie things you see on, uh, doc.. uh ya know, nurses or doctors.
Dispatcher: Okay What happened sir
Rushing: They fired at us. They...
Dispatcher: Okay Is anyone hit?
Rushing: Yes. My dad and brother are both bleeding. Dead. Like, they're not moving.
Dispatcher: Okay sir. Can you see where?
Rushing: Yes, they are, in the back in the head, they are, please hurry.
Dispatcher: Okay sir, you said in the back of the head, who's shot in the back of the head?
Rushing: Uh, there are two people, uh, both of them about 6 foot …
Dispatcher: Who was shot in the back of the head, you said?
Rushing: My father.
Dispatcher: Okay is he awake?
(Several seconds pause)
Rushing: No. No, he's not.
Dispatcher: Is he breathing?
Rushing: No, he's not breathing.
Dispatcher: Okay. Who else was shot?
Rushing: My little brother and he is choking right now, he's choking.
Dispatcher: Okay brother was shot also,
Rushing: Yes, he is bleeding out. Hes still breathing.
Dispatcher: Okay. Where was he shot at?
Rushing: Uhhhh, he was shot…
Dispatcher: Sir, where was he shot at?
Rushing: He was shot in the face that's all I can see, everything is covered in blood.
Dispatcher: Okay. How old is he?
Rushing: He is 13 years old.
Dispatcher: He is 13?
Rushing: Yes ma'am.
Dispatcher: Okay. Okay, so he was only shot in the face, you said?
Rushing: There were about seven, eight shots fired.
Dispatcher: Okay, seven to eight shots fired?
Rushing: Yes.
Dispatcher: Okay are the people still there?
Rushing: No they ran out the door, I sa…
Dispatcher: How many how many were there, how many people?
Rushing: There were two.
Dispatcher: Okay two. Were they black, white, Indian Hispanic?
Rushing: I couldn't tell their faces were covered, they had,
Dispatcher: Both males?
Rushing: Both… yeah, both had physiques of males.
Dispatcher: Okay. Okay. Is your father moving at all?
Rushing: No no he's…
Dispatcher: Okay. What about your brother, is he awake?
Rushing: My brother, my brother, yes he is trying to breathe.
Dispatcher: Okay is he breathing?
Rushing: Yes, he, it's gargling.
Dispatcher: Okay.
Rushing: I do have a shotgun, so that, uh, the police need to announce themselves when they walk in because I'm ready.
Dispatcher: Okay, sir, just. Listen to me okay, can you give me any kind of description of the males that did this?
Rushing: They had, uh, black, they had, black hoodies, (sigh) I mean they had black sweaters, uh they had beanie caps like you see on nurses to keep their hair from moving. They had booties on their shoes, just like you see on nurses, and they had a facemask. Ummm looks like,
Dispatcher: And facemasks?
Rushing: Yes ma'am.
Dispatcher: Okay, what color were they, what color were these items?
Rushing: Uh, the booties and, uhh oh ****.
Dispatcher: Okay, don't, are you with your bro-
Rushing: The booties,
Dispatcher: Sir,
Rushing: Yes I I'm with my brother
Dispatcher: Are you with him right now, is he still awake and breathing?
Rushing: He stopped, he's… he's about to s.
Dispatcher: Okay I need you to tell me-
Rushing: Barely.
Dispatcher: He's barely breathing right now?
Rushing: Yep.
Dispatcher to responders: The brother is barely breathing
Rushing: Yes.
Dispatcher: Just stay with me. Okay, I want you to stay right with him. Is there any possibility that any one of the suspects are still there, because I know you said they both ran was it only two?
Rushing: There was only two that I, yes. There was only two in the house, they both jumped out my door after I
Dispatcher: Both of the suspects are not there
Rushing: Yes they are not in the house, I do not know if they are outside or not.
Dispatcher: Okay, just, I want you to stay with your brother I want you to tell me what he's doing.
Rushing: He's still, he's still, he's still, he's struggling.
Dispatcher: Okay sir, is he still breathing?
Rushing: Yes ma'am
Dispatcher: Okay, I need you to go open the door now, okay.
Rushing: Yes ma'am
Dispatcher: Open the door
Rushing: He stopped breathing.
Dispatcher: He stopped breathing, Okay sir, are are you right with him? Go open the door, go open the door.
Rushing to persons at the scene: (inaudible) cops?
Dispatcher: Open the door, that's what I need you to do.
Rushing: Yes ma'am.
Dispatcher: Open the door. Are they in,
Rushing: Yes
Rushing to police: Right here, they're both right here.
Rushing: The police have arrived.
Dispatcher: Are they there with them right now,
Rushing: Yes.
Dispatcher: Is somebody with your brother...
Rushing to police at the scene: Right here. From underneath the bed, when they came in I was lying right here they were laying, like he's laying right here, they fired at me, I jumped over here, the shotgun was in between the mattresses.
Rushing to police: It's cocked and loaded I'm sorry.
Dispatcher: Okay sir, are they there with them right now?
Rushing: Yes
Dispatcher: Okay I'm gong to let you go okay?
Rushing: Uh, what, what what?
Dispatcher: Okay talk to them.


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