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Predictions? You got 'em, I got 'em

Maybe I'd better knock on wood, but I remember back in early fall there were dire predictions of a harsh winter.

I braced myself as the snow and ice blew in, only to watch it blow back out again pretty quickly. We had that one spell  and yes, it was a bit of a doozy, as hundreds of people (thankfully not me) were without power for days. At our house, my biggest inconvenience was that I woke up to a cold house and had to get in my car to go find a cup of coffee. AND I got a day off.

So now the March winds are blowing with a vengeance, but spring is pushing its way in, despite the calendar. It has been a joy watching the color creep into the landscape, slowly but surely. I drove to Houston a couple of weeks ago and I swear I saw bluebonnets peeping up.

People are cautioning not to let our guard down, that winter may still have a trick or two up its sleeve. But I'm hopeful.

The predictors aren't always going to be right, but they sure keep on trying. In this political climate, too, everyone has an opinion, but it's anyone's guess who has the right one.

From talking about the weather, to guessing who our next president will be, or predicting when the world will end, it's interesting that we are compelled to try to predict. There are two different mindsets out there, I suppose. Those of us who are content to wait and see, and those of us who work hard to study the "facts" so they might have a glimpse into the future.

I spoke with someone the other day who is very concerned about government conspiracy, cyber attacks and the threat of a possible breakdown of our commerce system. While I've never been one to put my head in the sand, I really don't want to think about things like that. And what torment it must be to be convinced the end is near.

I have a friend, a dentist in south Texas, who is so convinced there will be a crash in the global economy that he bought a farm in Mexico and is raising his own food, all in the name of self-sufficiency and sustainability. And, I suspect, he is making a tidy profit at the same time.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Where does one put the balance of faith in God and preparing for a disaster like the ones these nay-sayers are convinced is going to happen?

The Internet is loaded with predictions, from an upswing in the economy to a full-out crash and impending doom for all. With one click, you can choose your attitude, with "facts" to back up each view. For those of us who are simply living our lives, trying to take care of our families and find contentment at the same time, it can be overwhelming.

I like the yogic mentality of living for the day. After all, the present moment is all we have for certain. Too much time looking back at the past, or worrying over the future, only takes away from the beautiful moment we have right in front of us.

But I must confess to looking forward to spring. And I do predict that it will happen soon.

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