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Picture this: Snapping photos a role largely unrewarded in family

Back in the day, taking pictures was a much simpler process. Oh sure, now you can just whip out your phone and take a pic, but I miss the days of framed pictures, double prints and getting film developed.

Wait. I don't really miss getting film developed. That was always a pain. In fact, I'm sure I still have a few rolls of film lying around here somewhere I need to drop off ... wherever you drop film off these days.

Anyway, we've all been reduced to either having all our pictures on our phones or in our computers, both of which require major organizational skills and completely does away with the enjoyable process of "going through" pictures.

Having said that, when my kids were little, for some reason I always got double prints and now I have drawers and drawers full of duplicate pictures, all for that scrapbooking hobby I was going to get into. Scrapbooking will likely be extinct by the time I have time for scrapbooking.

Now, my daughters are grown, but taking a picture is still a major ordeal with them. Without fail, it always goes like this: "Mom, will you take our picture? Not so close, I want full body. MOM you're too close! MOM you have to tap on it to focus, these are blurry. Why do you always do that? Will you take another one please? (Snarky tone.) OMG, these are all terrible."

I mean, really, not once in my lifetime has one of my children EVER said "These are great, Mom, thanks." NEVER. So why do they keep asking me to take their picture? And, more importantly, why do I continue to try? Questions that haunt me.

The selfie is an art all to itself, and these girls have completely mastered it. I, on the other hand, have not. Once in a blue moon I'll attempt a selfie, only to hurriedly delete it before anyone can see, my face burning in embarrassment at the horror.

So the other day I got a selfie lesson from my 19-year-old daughter. "Mom, you're doing it wrong. You always hold your arm straight out, don't do that, you have to bend it a little. Quit holding it up high, no one does that anymore. (Sorry, but any woman over 40 knows why we hold the camera up high.) Now, tilt it down just a little. OMG, Mom, open your eyes a little more, you look like you're squinting. NOT LIKE THAT! (Hysterical laughing.) Oh, jeez, forget it."

As she takes the horrible picture of me with the bulging eyes and puts it on Snapchat before I can stop her.

So while taking pics nowadays can be fun, it's not really all that much fun for me. I have friends who do it obsessively, but that's not really my thing. In fact, I still have my big camera that you have to look into and press a button. The funny thing is when I have that camera I am the master, because no one really knows how to do that anymore.

Well at least I'm good with something. And do I ridicule the poor person who attempts and fails with the 35mm?

Of course I do. Payback is a mother ... I mean ... MOM.

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