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Overindulgers: You weren't alone Sunday

Beyonce followed last year, with nothing more controversial than mere sex appeal. Likewise, this year's performance by Bruno Mars was a hit just because he's that good. At 28, Bruno is reportedly the youngest halftime performer in Super Bowl history and killed it with his smooth moves and soulful funk.

According to reports, Bruno and other halftime performers never get paid, in money, at least. Mere exposure to some 100-million viewers is believed to be payment enough.

As for the commercials, it seemed that there was more "normal" than usual, and not enough creativity for what has come to be expected. A few standouts were, as always, the puppy and the horse that somehow make us all want to drink a Bud, Audi's Doberhuahua and Ellen's typically bizarre performance as Goldilocks on The Beats' ad.

Looking back, there were other good ones that I missed. Must have been in the kitchen getting another helping of wings.

And speaking of wings, 615 million chickens gave their lives so that Americans could better enjoy their National Pastime of overindulgence, while 325 million gallons of beer were also predicted to be consumed.

See Mom? It's not just me.

As for the game? Well. Unfortunately for the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning, it wasn't much of a game.

Despite predictions of bad weather at kickoff time, the field was clear, although just hours after the stadium emptied the field was covered in snow. It was good for football fans who were prepared to fight the weather, but thankfully didn't have to.

Now if we could only say the same thing around here.

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