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Old pictures are just a view of perspective

While it's always fun to go through old pictures of the kids, those old ones of me aren't nearly as entertaining.
The kids were adorable, despite their objections to the contrary. While it's true that their hair was at times out of control and they tended to wear the same clothes over and over again, the same could be said for me, only in a bigger, much more horrific way.
Mostly, it was my hair. How I ever thought it was OK to leave the house is beyond me. There was the "white hair" phase, when I sported the Rod Stewart look for more years than I care to admit, and after that came the years before the hair straightener, when I cut my hair too short and had kind of a Shirley Temple thing going on, and then came the era when just basic unruliness caused me to tie it back in a way that I thought was acceptable, though I can see clearly now that it was not.
The high-waisted jeans that are trying to come back into style now were never a good look for me, although I wore them for years. That, with the high-top Reeboks and scrunch socks to complete the look, were a mainstay that I thought said "cool," but was instead screaming "shoot me now."
Basically, I think the problem is that I've rushed around for the last 20 years and really only ever looked at myself in the mirror from the waist up. You know, it's that quick check, run a brush through the hair, brush the teeth and go, and never really taking the time to consider the full package.
Nothing like old pictures to show you what the full package really looks like. Time for a makeover.
Like I said, though, I'm not the only one who feels that way. My group of friends are practically unrecognizable. What seems like a slow process in real life goes fast forward on paper. Mostly it's hair, but a few pounds have gone back and forth on us, including some that have been "implanted," if you know what I mean ... a nd I think you do.
And no, it's not me.
While it's fun to take that trip down memory lane, it's the present that always feels right. Today's styles, however, are tomorrow's fashion blunders. You just never know till you're looking in that rearview mirror. Hindsight being 20/20 and all.
Still, I'll keep on taking those pictures and hoping that someday I'll get the look right. The kids are older but still adorable, and somebody's got to capture those moments.
And in the meantime I'll just make sure that the ones of me are only from the waist up.

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