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Meeting the end of summer is out of wrack this year

The end of summer is marked in a number of ways, but for me, it's more by events rather than the actual calendar.

Summer used to be over when school starts ... but now that the kids are gone, that's gotten a little mixed up. While the school zone flashers are back on around town, my kids are still drifting around out there, doing goodness knows what until college starts for them.

Labor Day weekend was always another marker of the end of summer. That last little vacation feel for most of us is nice, but really, it's all about the clothes. The end of summer means no more whites (winter white is a rather confusing exception), long sleeves, boots and jackets.

Not that we're there yet. But I knew we are getting close when I actually felt a longing for fall clothes last week. I guess that's a girl thing.

There is the country song, "The Boys of Fall," that my daughter used to play around this time, about the heart and soul that goes into high school football. I have vivid memories of both of us in the car, when she'd play that, usually on the way to practice or a game, and it would bring tears to our eyes and such an anticipation for the Friday night lights. Now, with the kids gone, I'm not sure I'll participate since they won't be on the field. The truth is I was always more of a halftime mom but I loved the energy and camaraderie of all those games.

Despite the calendar, it's actually felt a little like fall the past few days, just a touch of it in the air. Low 90s seemed like an Arctic blast, and we're also seeing 60s in the mornings. Shocking behavior for August, I'll tell you.

It's been another weird summer. The flooding early on sort of set a hardship tone to the season and, again, real life demands more hard work and less play these days.

My summer flowers barely got off the ground again this year. I'm limited to a couple of bougainvilleas from seasons past that are finally showing off some beautiful blooms, the old reliable Dragon Wing begonia, and a few succulents. For the first time ever, the petunias I planted died right away, and I didn't even attempt rose moss because they get so leggy in the end. Late in the season, I bought something like a Wave periwinkle, and it's been fairly hardy and seems willing to tolerate the abuse that comes with the territory around here, both from the elements and my own neglect. I'll try those again next year.

Each change of season offers its own challenges and hope. I suppose it's God's way of giving us a re-do. The passing of time can be bittersweet, but it's inevitable, so it really doesn't matter whether we like it or not. There's still a little bit of summer left, though. Hope you enjoy it!

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