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Here's to the end of days of SADness

Here comes the sun. I knew you were out there somewhere.

When Daylight Saving Time comes around in March, it feels like someone turns a light on. I love, love, love the longer days, and literally cringe when we get the time change in the fall and suddenly that sun goes down by 6 p.m.

I think I have evolved into one of those people like you see on a show like "Dateline" who has Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, which for me starts in the late fall and drags on till just about now. (Blend that with my Christmas phobia and you will see why I'm such a mess six months out of the year.)

People get SAD typically during the winter months, maybe eat more, gain weight and have lower energy than normal. Some quick research on SAD says that the biological clock is to blame for this swing in mood. I'm quite accustomed to blaming my biological clock for most everything, so it all makes perfect sense to me.

Wow. All along I thought I just was sad. I didn't know I had SAD.

The next joyful springtime moment comes with the green grass and the flowers. How I long for both of them. We are starting to get there, but it's slow going. These dang cold snaps and ferocious wind don't help much, but they also come as no surprise. And if you know me, you know that I complain about the wind every single year at this time, even though it doesn't do me a bit of good.

I will also be consistently predictable and remind you, as I do every year, what Yardman always said: that April 10 is the last day of the average killing frost. That means we need to hold out just a little bit longer. Still, every year around this time I break down and buy a few nice plants or a beautiful hanging basket, only to witness them getting beat to death by the Oklahoma wind.

This past winter I decided to try to salvage some of my big outdoor plants, and they've been in the garage all this time, hanging on by a thread. I know it must be spring because they have all recently died a slow, horrible death and now exist only to make it really awkward for me as I get out of my car.

Took a trip last week down to Texas, and I was really hoping to see some bluebonnets and other spring wildflowers. We had to get all the way down to Austin before we saw bluebonnets, but they are starting to look really pretty down there. It was funny how just 50 miles north of Austin it was still brown, with no wildflowers, and got browner the further north we went.

It's still too soon here. A few more good rains, a few more sunny days, and we should start to get a show. Please let me know as you spot the wildflowers; they make me happy.

P.S. Don't complain about the rain, people. We need it desperately.

So as I sit here on the couch, still in my warm spot with the fire going, sleeping dog at my side, I am trying not to be sad. And I'm trying not to have SAD.

Just need a little more sun, green and warmth, then my biological clock will once again be where it needs to be.

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