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Family is ever-evolving with children growing up

Now that the kids are gone (are they really?) there are no more stories of teenage shenanigans, surly hormonal girls (oh wait, that still applies), cute toddler episodes or even poopy mishaps. As I've said before, we are still ever-evolving, and the adult relationship begins to come into play.

Except they're still needy at times. After all, it is their parents' credit card that is still making their world go round. Laundry continues to be a stumper, and basic cooking skills may require a phone call or two. (Mom, what brand of macaroni and cheese do we buy?) The answer: We do not buy macaroni and cheese.

But you get the idea.

So now, we are in that middle-age area that could perhaps even be called dare I s ay it  Waiting for Grandchildren.

Call me crazy. And don't tell my daughters I even thought about it. They're nowhere near ready, primarily because there is no significant other in either of their lives, not to mention the fact that they still need coaching to make macaroni and cheese, but there is a small, silent part of me that is mentally acknowledging just how fun that moment will be and is excited and hopeful about it.

Plus I probably have too much time on my hands.

Anyway, so for now it's just me and these dumb dogs. Winston has reminded me just how crazy puppies are  and just how crazy I was to get a puppy. He needs a battalion to help harness his energy and train him to do the basics, like how not to attack me every time he sees me after I've been gone.

I've learned to invest in toys and "challenge games" to divert his attention from shredding the couch, but he doesn't follow the rules and just eats the challenge games. I bought him a harness and when I have a shred of energy left over from everyday life I take him for a walk, and he does OK  only with the harness; the leash alone is a manic, scrambling adventure  but his little legs defy his energy and he's pretty well done after that, which I suppose is the big idea.

So he's teaching me. And I am slowly getting a few basic commands through his thick skull, plus there is a Doggie Training Class in his near future.

And as for Maggie, well, as wild and crazy as Winston is, something bad recently happened on the couch and my suspicions lean toward her. Maggie is getting older and slowing down, with brief spurts of tolerating Winston and perhaps a mild frolic through the house until she declares the party to be over, when she retreats to somewhere she can burrow under and continue to lick herself compulsively.

That Maggie is a ball of fun, let me tell you.

So I need a new hobby, other than watching "Bachelor in Paradise" and walking the dog. I'm open for suggestions if anyone has any ideas. But when and if that grandbaby ever comes, watch out  I may be outta here!

In the meantime, I'm going to start looking for a new couch.

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