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Encouraging all to vote on Super Tuesday

So today is the big day, and hopefully by tomorrow our winner can regroup and start planning a strategy to unite this great nation, our loser will have graciously conceded and both parties can find a way to come together.

Yeah, right.

No … I'm just kidding. Sort of. The divisiveness of this presidential campaign has been like no other, and hard to witness. When the candidates weren't doing something sneaky or offensive, citizens en masse were slugging it out on social media, at the workplace and on the streets. From what I've seen and heard, many of us know someone we've broken ties with because of their political leanings and the manner in which they've expressed them.

In my case, a family member a few times removed was my biggest turnoff. This person doesn't read my column (strike one ... just kidding ... sort of) so I can mention Person X without concern of creating an even greater rift. Person X, like so many others, does not support either candidate and blasted everyone in the nation who does. And that's a lot of people. Person X despises any of us who supports either candidate. As for me ... well, I despise haters.

So there.

I've heard over and over again from people who have withdrawn from political discussion because it is simply too heated. I've seen people who would normally be quiet who are earnestly campaigning for or against a candidate.

Difficult to witness, yes. Interesting? Definitely. And it seems that no matter who wins, it will continue to be that way.

Perhaps one bonus to this fiasco we call our political system is that it has awakened a passion where before there was none. Sideliners who normally are indifferent are paying attention, and there is discussion in the most unlikely of places, among the most unlikely people.

I was at the hardware department in a store last week and listened to two strangers pleading the cases of their opposing candidates to one another. It was a random encounter between a 25ish-year-old black man and an elderly white man in a wheelchair. They were in full disagreement, peacefully speaking their minds and stating their positions. To what extent they were hearing each other I do not know, and whether one changed the other's mind, I doubt, but it was interesting.

And let's not forget that freedom to express our political viewpoint is a right we are privileged to have. Other nations are fighting right now for that very same right.

Despite the political fervor that's been in place these past 500 or so days, I still see a large sector of people who say they aren't voting for various reasons. My prayer is that they make an effort to form an educated decision on who they want our next president to be, and the other candidates and issues on the ballot, and vote.

Do I have a candidate? Yes. But I also have faith. I truly believe in our greatness, our vision and hope for a better tomorrow, and that God's got our back.

It's gonna be a Super Tuesday, all right.

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