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'Daughter of Dawn' film's story of coming home to Oklahoma

It's a movie depicting a love story, buffalo hunts, battle scenes, hand-to-hand combat, Indian village scenes and dances, deceit, courage and a happy ending  everything that makes life worth living!

What is today considered to be a historic silent moving picture, "The Daughter of Dawn" was filmed in May-July 1920. Directed by Norbert Myles and written by Richard Banks, owner of the Texas Film Company, this movie was shot entirely on location in the Wichita Mountains with a cast of 300 Comanche and Kiowa Indians. They used their own tipis, horses, clothing and other items.

The Roles and Reviews

"The Daughter of Dawn" starred Esther LeBarre, the daughter of the chief of the Kiowas, played by Hunting Horse. The two young men who are romantically interested in her are White Eagle, played by White Parker, and Black Wolf, played by Jack Sankadota. Another integral character is Red Wing, played by Wanada Parker. White Parker and Wanada Parker were children of Comanche Chief Quanah Parker. Among the 100 extras were Slim Tyebo, Old Man Saupitty and Oscar Yellow Wolf.

Upon completion, this one-of-a-kind film was screened in 1920 at the College Theater in Los Angeles. It received rave reviews; one critic described it as "an original and breathtaking adventure." For unknown reasons, it was never publicly released and it disappeared. Until 2003  when the story gets really interesting.

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