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Clutter? Yep, I got it

There's a problem at my house.

It all started when my friend told me about a book she read that will help organize your life. You start in the kitchen, and the point is to clear the clutter. And man, do I have clutter. In fact, I'm right on the cusp between clutter and hoarder, and it could actually go either way at any given moment.

As usual, I blame it on the kids. Never mind they don't exactly live with me anymore; that's irrelevant, because all their stuff still does.

And not only are we overrun with their stuff, but over time I've accumulated extra everything, which I figured would eventually be dispersed between the two of them. I mean, what do I really need with 20 coffee cups when I only actually drink out of three?

But for now, since they don't really have a kitchen to call their own, I'm stuck with the kitchen excess. I've considered going ahead and boxing up what I don't want, but that gets really tricky, and just thinking of that slows me down. Because I know what happens to things around here that are out of sight. Forgotten forever, that's what.

So I can't declutter the kitchen. Then it's on to that shelf in the living room corner that holds all the DVDs, board games and (for some strange reason) all my daughter's art supplies. I really need to clear that off to make room for some of the plants I want to put there.

I started going through it, only to realize that all the stuff I had planned to move away from there and put into the cabinet behind the couch presented the even larger issue of my needing to clear out the cabinet behind the couch ... to make room for the stuff on the shelf by the window.

And so it goes. It's just that the timing is wrong. It's too premature to embark upon the brutal purging that is needed around here in order to achieve that state of minimalism that I see myself living in ... later, but not now.

There are too many pockets of unfinished projects, plans for crafts and hobbies that never quite got off the ground, but someday they still might. The kitchen pantry, with ingredients for that exotic dish that sounded like something I wanted to make, but opted for tacos instead at the last minute.

The bookshelf, stacked with books of all genres  self-help, best sellers, classic, spiritual  all waiting for me to find the time to read them, when a rerun of "Friends" or a walk in the park wins out if there's spare time.

The kids' children's books, too precious to part with, now waiting for the grandchildren (although we gladly wait). Frankly, it's overwhelming, and no wonder Hoarder's Anonymous is eyeing me for membership.

So for now, my approach is the non-approach of sitting quietly on the couch, wondering how in the world I will rid myself of these items that continue to have a hold on me.

But the good news is I'm pretty sure there's a rerun of "Friends" on in a few minutes.

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