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The calendar says May is here, but it's not spring without bluebonnets

While it's time again to pay homage to the spring wildflowers, I'm afraid we may have missed the bluebonnets altogether.

I'm no expert (news flash), but it was such an early spring that I think the bluebonnets have come and gone. The ones that are still out there are fading fast. A couple of weeks ago I drove out to my favorite wildflower spot, which is the grassy median on U.S. 81 as you turn left to go to Marlow from Oklahoma 7.

Typically there is an awesome patch of red, blue and pink, but what I saw was very little blue, although it was still quite beautiful.

While we had our warm weather early, now we are having our cold weather late. Mother Nature can't seem to make up her mind, though I know we're all grateful for the rain, as long as the tornados and floods don't do us in.

Boy, we really want things just so, don't we? Too bad we don't get a vote.

While I'm sure it's a good idea, I have never seen such dire, advanced storm warnings as we did last week, and thankfully, the storm wasn't nearly as bad as predicted. Of course, we all need to be prepared and cautious, but it felt like the whole town shut down, and in fact it sort of did. Either that storm was supposed to be a real whopper, or there are new warning guidelines out, and I'm curious to know which it is.

We just sort of go along with what we're told, and we're fortunate to have some good eyes on the sky for us. Luckily, it was a Tuesday night, so none of my shows were interrupted.

Lord, please don't let us have a weather phenomenon while I'm trying to watch the last couple of episodes of "Scandal."

Hey, I'm just kidding.

Or am I?

So now it's May, and there is so much going on this month I might actually have to set my hair on fire. But while I might be going crazy, I have a couple of friends whose kids are graduating high school, and it is mighty interesting watching them walk the same, classic walk I went through last year, and two years before that when my oldest graduated.

Ladies, my heart goes out to you. It is a long and arduous process, and you have to go through it whether you like it or not. Don't be afraid to cry, don't feel guilty about being sad, just face it. It's sad, and you need to cry.

I can tell you it gets better, but, as it has always been, every year is different and offers its own set of challenges, triumphs and heartaches.

So enjoy those kids. Heck, maybe you should take a drive with them and go snap their picture in a field of wildflowers. You'll be needing those pictures, anyway.

And if you spot any bluebonnets, let me know.

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