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Annual drive still needs blankets, coats

I'm back, but only for a minute.

The holidays have always nearly done me in, but this year tops them all. Ethics prohibit me from talking about my job, but if I could ... oh, the stories I could tell. Right now, suffice to say that I am very, very busy. I pray that my editors will understand and humor me as I try not to drown.

I did want to take a moment to remind everyone that the coat and blanket drive is still on, for distribution Dec. 23 at St. John's Baptist Church. Drop boxes are at all Burger Kings, Fort Sill Federal Credit Union branches and at Salas Urban Cantina.

Every year I have played a role in the planning and meal service on Christmas Eve at St. John's, and it was with a heavy heart that we made the decision not to do it because we are so covered up in other endeavors.

It is a credit to this wonderful community that not a beat was missed, and within days the event was still on, coordinated by other volunteers. The only difference is that it's on the 23rd, not the 24th. I love the way someone else just grabbed the ball, the tradition will continue and a hot holiday meal will be available to some who might not otherwise get one.

So my part will still be coats and blankets, and there have already been quite a bit of coats dropped off, though no blankets yet. However, a couple of weeks ago a lovely lady appeared at my door and handed me a $500 check, just as her organization has done in years past.

Money is, after all, that gift that keeps on giving. Dollars stores be warned: We are coming to buy out all your blankets once again.

A big thank you to this giving community that we call home, which wants to share its blessings and hopes to be a blessing to others. You warm my heart and encourage me every day.

You may or may not hear from me again until the ball drops and we can say goodbye to this long, grueling year and bring in the hope that 2016 will surely bring. If not, I pray the best for you all, and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

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