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After election, life, time goes on

Well, we made it through the Presidential Election, and so far the economy hasn't collapsed and there seems to be no indication of a mass exodus to Canada.

As for the next four years, that remains to be seen.

Another big event that hits closer to home has been the time change. I find myself in my pajamas by 7 p.m., even though I can never really fall asleep before midnight, so it makes for a long, confusing night. I never have figured out why we have to say goodbye to the sunshine every year at this time, and it makes me immediately long for spring, which feels like I'm wishing my life away.

Other winter indicators are the TV commercials that have subtly been jingling bells and throwing in candy cane stripes for over a month now. But now there is no denying that Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK, and although there are really just a few holidays in the coming weeks, the big Holiday Season is here.

Last year I was so busy that I didn't lift a finger to decorate my house  my kids did all the setup and the breakdown. Despite the stress and anxiety that always creeps in like the common cold this time of year, their help was a momentous relief.

It was one of those proud moments that made me glad I have children. Sure, there are lots of those, but man, when those kids start to really pull some weight, it feels like aliens have invaded the planet for a few short moments, until you realize that, indeed, those are your aliens.

God bless 'em.


Speaking of, it was another landmark election year in my family, as I waited in line to vote with my youngest daughter for the first time ever. She drove down from college the night before, came in late, and we pulled up all the local and state questions and reviewed them.

Another alien moment, but one I was thrilled to be part of. The big Thanksgiving Giveaway is coming up this weekend, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, way out west by Republic Paperboard, at a warehouse at 601 SW Ard. If you or someone you know needs a hand up, come on out, and volunteers are still needed at 8 a.m. Shuttle service will be provided from Faith Based Church at 1105 SW F, but it's best to drive if at all possible.We still need coats and blankets for this drive (which will continue through Christmas Eve) and lots and lots of canned corn. Those can be dropped off at Salas Urban Cantina, and there are donation boxes for coats and blankets at every Burger King and Fort Sill Federal Credit Union.


Any day now it will be time to bring in the plants. I am at a loss as to where they will all go, and there has been a mild threat of converting a kid's bedroom for the occasion. With great resistance, I might add. But that is fodder for another column.


Every year is different, and every year some things are the same. Life goes on no matter what, thank goodness.

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