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Woman takes pants off outside the courthouse

A deputy of the Comanche County Sheriff's Office dealt with an unruly woman who took off her pants outside Comanche County Courthouse after refusing to find a knife she threw on the ground Thursday afternoon.

Deputy Bobby Dodd and another deputy were assigned to security at the west entry of the courthouse, where the woman entered the building around 1 p.m. and approached the X-ray security scanner, Dodd reported.

Key knife on key chain

The other deputy noticed that the woman had a key knife hanging from her key chain, and he told her she would have to take it back to her vehicle, the report states. The woman walked out the west entry door, then came back inside  never going to her vehicle, nor leaving the eyesight of deputies who were watching her through the glass doors.

Deputies later discovered that she tossed the knife somewhere outside. But when she initially returned inside, no one knew what happened to the knife.

Dodd decided to catch a ride on the elevator to meet up with the woman, and he found her in the Comanche County Treasurer's Office. Dodd motioned for her to come into the hallway, where he asked her what she did with the knife. The woman said she "threw it down the street," the report states. Dodd stayed with the woman while she finished up her business inside the courthouse, then followed her outside.

Dodd told the woman that they needed to find the knife because trustees of Comanche County Detention Center work in the area. The woman insisted that she "threw the knife down," the report states.

As Dodd wrote down information about the woman, she asked him if she needed to "take her shoes off," and Dodd replied, "No." But she took her shoes off anyway, then started unbuttoning her pants.

Dodd told her several times to stop, but she went ahead and took them off, then threw them on the ground, the report states. Dodd told her to put her pants and shoes back on, otherwise she would be arrested for indecent exposure, Dodd reported. The woman then put her shoes and pants back on. 

After Dodd finished taking her information, she left the courthouse property. The report states the other deputy told Dodd that he found the knife, but the report did not include details about where the knife was found. 

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