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Talkin' turkey

First-graders share advice on how to prepare Thanksgiving's main course

The answer to the one burning question today  how to cook a turkey?  has filled cookbooks and cooking shows, has prompted frantic phone calls to turkey hotlines and has been handed down in secret from generation to generation. 

Maybe people are looking in the wrong place for answers. Maybe they should ask a first-grader.

It turns out that some of Lincoln Elementary School's first-graders know the answer to that and other pressing Thanksgiving Day meal questions.

First-grade teachers Beth Lane and Jeanie Wilson had first-graders in their classes write their ideas on "How to cook a turkey?" just to get the juices flowing a few days before some of the students sat down with The Lawton Constitution.

Anyone who has been around first-graders knows that they can explain things better by talking than writing  a skill along with spelling that they haven't mastered. The following is a combination of these promising cooks talking  about where they got the turkey, how to cook it and what do they eat with it  along with any written comments that they read out loud. If possible to decipher, their spelling was used.

nIsaiah Walker: "I go hunt it. We have this little woods ... and there are turkeys in it. We look in there and I have a little KS4 pistol and I shoot it," he said, explaining that his brother taught him. "I have a table outside and I hold the head and chop it. (The turkey cooks) at 4 degrees for 24 hours. (Have) mashed potatoes, corn, pumpkin pie and whipped cream." 

nOaklee Wright: "You kill it. And then you roast it. And then you eat it," she read out loud. Wright said her turkey cooks  "five hours on hot. I like apples, celery and zucchini."

nAnthony Castro: "First you go find a turkey ... in the woods. Second, you go home and you cook it. You put it on 57 Sekits (seconds). Then you eit it," he read, adding that you "have food around it. Corn and green beans  I like those. Have ice cream sandwiches."

• Kinzley Howell: "First you put flour on it. Put salt and pepper on it. (Cook it on) hot. You cut it. You eat it (with) pumpkin pie."

• Cheyenne Gray: "1 Git a turkey. 2 take take it Home. 2 Pit it on a plate. 4 Pit it in the uvn 75 minits. 5 You take it out and eat it," she wrote.  Gray said her family "gets one at a farm, (have) peas, corn  we take corn on the cob and cut it off onto a plate. My Nana makes like s'mores. She takes a graham cracker, puts ice cream in the middle, another graham cracker on top."

• Dylan Cline:  When the turkey is cooking, Cline said, "It tastes better than it smells. (Sides are) Corn in a dish and zucchini. Every time after dinner we always have yogurt and pop tarts. (Drinks) sometimes apple juice ... I don't want orange juice." He wrote, "first She puts the turkey in the uvin. Next we wait for the Turkey to be done. last we take it out and eat it!"

• Eddie Lopez: "I pot sum pepp on it. I pot sum sot. I cook it. I put sum pepr. I eat the turkey," he read from his paper. Lopez said he gets a big turkey "from the store. I let my daddy help me (put it in the oven) for 13 minutes and a little bit hot  80 degrees." After it is done "I pull it off and eat around the bone. I don't use knives. I have corn on the cob and pop tarts and some green beans. Have corn dogs."

• Deneese Pollock: "First you buy it. Then you slice it. Then you put it in the oven. then you put it on 70 or 80 minutes (the oven is) not that hot. Then you take it out of the oven and eat it. There are leftovers. ... I have yogurt and some ice cream  chocolate."

• Nakinah Miller: "You wash it off and cut it up and you cook it. You eat it (with) carrots. (Favorite dessert is) white cake with white icing."

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