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Riding AmTryke harder than it looks for reporter

It was my first time to represent The Lawton Constitution in the Mountain Metro AMBUCS 2018 AmTryke Fundraiser Race.

Mike Owensby, the general manager, asked me whether I would participate in the competition a few weeks prior, and "yes" was my immediate response. I work out five to six days a week. What could go wrong? 

On Saturday, the morning of the big race, I jogged three miles at the gym, lifted some weights and showered before hitting the road for Central Mall, where the race would take place. Puddles from last night's rain covered the parking lot, but the sunshine was out. I was ready to roll.

Or so I thought.

At the registration table, I discovered that I was alone in the race, literally. Other companies had at least two representatives who took game-face photos together for social media, yet there I was: the solo representative of The Lawton Constitution. How daunting. 

But as I looked around Dillard's Court, I saw the faces of many local professionals I already knew: Haley Wilson, Dr. Rose Lepien, Aimee Carter, and Lawton police officers and firefighters, among others.

After making a couple social rounds, I felt "a part" of the group. I belonged there, and I could do this. All the competitors were local professionals who came together to support Mountain Metro AMBUCS in a fundraiser race. If they could ride an AmTryke, I could, too. It's essentially a bike with both hand and feet pedals. 

What is the worst that could happen? Losing, I thought. That would be the worst. 

The social circles broke as a woman with a black-and-white flag let out a whistle, and a man took the mic to welcome the competitors, fans and random shoppers pacing the mall to the 2018 AmTryke Race. 

The race was beginning. I was placed in the first heat of the entire race. Randy Cloud, Rick Kerr and I were the chosen trio.

"Next up, representing The Lawton Constitution, is 'Va Voom' Vicky," the man announced. 

The crowded cheered as I walked, wearing a mask of confidence, to my AmTryke. 

Like any racer with winning in mind, I sized up my opponents: two men who were at least 20 years old than me. As a 23-year-old, devoted exerciser, I could win this, right? That only makes sense. 

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