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Professor discusses active shooting factors, solutions

The real-world threat of active shooters was the topic of discussion Wednesday at Cameron University.

Howard Kurtz, a professor of sociology and criminal justice at Southwestern Oklahoma State University, spoke extensively about the threat and consequences of active shooters at “Campus Shootings: Profiling the Classroom,” the seventh presentation in the Cameron University Department of Social Sciences’ “Justice For All” series.

“We’re talking about shootings at schools,” Kurtz said. “Why they happen. When they happen. Who’s most likely to do them. What we might do to reduce the problems.”

The number of school shootings has increased in the last 19 years, Kurtz said. But, he said, an individual is almost as likely to die by a bee sting as they are in an active shooter situation. The nature of a school shooting — that it involves children in what should be a protected, safe environment — often creates a sensationalized fear. There are still issues to be addressed, however, that could reduce that number.

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