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With each stroke and swipe of his foam brush, Tim Saupitty’s self-taught hands add life to the image of the Comanche teepee as it comes to life on the Elk Mountain mural inside the Comanche National Museum and Cultural Center.From his seat and with space between,Tim Saupitty sees the proper perspective for the horse that would soon become part of his mural showcasing Comanche camp life near Elk Mountain. Visitors to the Comanche National Museum and Cultural Center can now step into that life from inside its lobby.

Museum visitors can take piece of culture with them

Inside the front lobby of the Comanche National Museum and Cultural Center is a new wall mural featuring a contented Comanche camp at Elk Mountain in the Wichita Mountains. 

The new work of art by Comanche artist Tim Saupitty is another masterpiece that offers visitors to the museum the opportunity to take home a photographic piece of Numunuu culture and art with them when they leave. 

Museum director Candy Morgan said the new attraction serves as backdrop for the museum's ISnap Photo System. It allows guests the opportunity to take free social media photos to document their visits to the venue, 701 NW Ferris. Guests can then post the photos on their social media sites. It's a convenience to visitors that helps market the museum to the world. 

"The more who know about us, the more people we can educate," Morgan said. "The ISnap is helping us fulfill the museum's No. 1 mission: to educate the public about the Comanche Nation." 

Saupitty also painted a small teepee for inclusion in the painted village to create a 3-D effect. All the images follow tradition and custom. 

"It's customary for all Comanche teepees to face east, so we asked Tim to paint something spectacular on the back of the teepee to really grab the visitor's attention as they come through the front doors," Morgan said. 

Saupitty received the commission for the project following a process that included submissions from several talented artists, Morgan said.

"Tim is an extraordinary Comanche artist and he's always been very supportive of our museum," Morgan said. "We are blessed to have an artist of his caliber to turn to for projects such as this." 

The new attraction offers visitors something to take back with them as they attend the unveiling Monday of a new exhibit, "Numunuu Tsaaku Yukatu," which translates to "The Comanche Good Life." 

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