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Jury duty call scam reported

An ongoing jury duty scam circulating across the nation has returned to Lawton in recent weeks. 

Comanche District Court Clerk Robert Morales said the jury duty scam has been an issue locally for about three years, and the scam is most prevalent in Lawton when the jury docket is posted at the Comanche County Courthouse.

The jury duty scammer contacts residents by phone and typically identifies himself or herself as a deputy, then tells residents they failed to appear for jury duty, so they must go to a local store to purchase gift cards or other means of monetary exchange and send the financial information to the scammer in order to pay the penalty for their absence. 

But Morales said no one  no deputies, no law enforcement officers and no one from the courthouse  will ever contact residents via phone if they miss jury duty.

If a summons is issued to residents, they will receive a letter in the mail or in person. A phone call from any person demanding a payment be made for missing jury duty is not legitimate, Morales said, and residents should not disclose any personal or financial information.

"Gently listen to the information, write it down, then turn it over to the city police department ... or the sheriff's office," Morales said. 

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