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'Forge' provides intense brand of training

"You're wounded, you can't move."

A drill sergeant barks at a young soldier in D Battery, 1st Battalion, 31st Field Artillery in the midst of basic training on a warm, humid Monday morning at Fort Sill. The sun is already high in the air by 0900 and the humidity has topped 80 percent. There's no breeze in the rugged, overgrown brush of the training area.

The "bird" is set to arrive in 15 minutes and the squad of young soldiers have to make the landing zone with their wounded. Two are disabled and must be strapped down to gurneys and carried. Another is declared "walking wounded," meaning he can walk himself, but will still need medical relief once they reach the chopper. But they have to get there first  carrying their fellow soldiers on stretchers while they battle the heat and keep a look out for the enemy.

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