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Flu, cold mean packed schedule at Holy City

The cast and crew of the Holy City of the Wichitas Easter Pageant began its second rehearsal in three weeks Sunday with a packed schedule.

Director Alan Corrales was forced to cancel last week's rehearsal after a large portion of the cast was sick with the flu. Wind chills in the teens at the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge also played into the decision. But while it gave everyone a week to rest and recuperate, Corrales said it put the production behind.

"The plan was to have sign-ups and to get through the first half of the play on that first Sunday," he said. "Then we would come back that second week and finish it up. Since we had to cancel, we're doing that second half this week. If we don't get through it all, we're just going to have to start from the beginning at the next rehearsal because we don't have the calendar space."

The first production is scheduled for March 24 with an encore the following week. The schedule only allows for three more rehearsal days before the final night rehearsal. This issue, Corrales said, is only exacerbated by the lack of cast. The production is in dire need of more bodies.

"The big story right now for us is that we need more cast members, especially children," Corrales said. "Children and their parents are needed out here. We also need some more disciples for some of the scenes."

While it may sound like trouble at the Holy City, the reality is far from it. Corrales is used to dealing with a myriad of issues in the first few weeks of rehearsals. He was all smiles Sunday as he raced around the Holy City grounds, watching the cast go through the various scenes from the second half of the play.

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