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Crude feud at core of complaints against father, son

A father and son from Comanche are wanted for multiple allegations of sabotaging oil leases, threatening violence and an attempt at extortion in a dispute about oil leases.

The allegations follow an escalating number of acts that have left wells at times inoperable and damaged since September.

The Stephens County District Court issued felony arrest warrants for Glenn King Duncan, 76, and Chris King Duncan, 58, for several charges.

Court records indicate that Glenn King Duncan is accused of three felony counts of trespass and damage to critical infrastructure facility, as well as multiple misdemeanor counts to include six counts of interfering with oilfield appliances and two counts of threaten to perform act of violence, records indicate. Each felony count is punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

Chris King Duncan is accused of a felony count of extortion by means not amounting to robbery, as well as misdemeanor counts of interfering with oilfield appliances/machinery and threaten to perform act of violence.

Stephens County Sheriff’s Deputy Rick Coberly was called the morning of Sept. 11, to J.B. Smith Operating’s Hinshaw Lease, about ¼-mile north of Oklahoma 53, and spoke with a company pumper operator who said he’d been checking wells when he found the saltwater tanks overflowing. Saltwater spilled into the containment area, over into the pasture and into a small creek, according to the probable cause affidavit. He told Coberly he’d been having trouble with someone shutting off wells and tampering with equipment on the location. He said the overflow happened after the power switch on the power box inside the property fence was turned off.

The man told Coberly this had happened several times and that Chris Duncan, who lived across the street, was the main suspect. Chris Duncan has a lease on his property that’s also owned by the J.B. Smith company and he said he is trying to get money paid for damages claimed to have occurred on his property, the affidavit states. The operator said the company has spent “several thousands of dollars doing work to Mr. Duncan’s land but the damages he is claiming were settled and paid by the previous lease owners.”

Chris Duncan asked Smith for $38,000 for “supposed damages done to his land” from the lease, the affidavit states. Smith said he told him the damages claimed had already been paid by the prior lease owners and signed off by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. That’s when, according to Smith, he was threatened and told he better watch the sight “24/7 because things were going to get torn up and the tank batteries might even blow up.” Smith said Chris Duncan became irate and screamed at him.

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