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‘Taking care of bees-ness’ of moving swarm, beekeeper shares his mission

The latest buzz about a queen and her court in downtown Lawton arrived in the most literal of ways.

You could call it a honey of a story.

A bunch of bees made a makeshift hive Wednesday atop a fire plug at the corner of Southwest 3rd Street and C Avenue. That’s where local beekeeper Timmy Lee comes into the picture.

“They (City of Lawton) called me this morning to come get these bees,” he said.

Lee said the hundreds of honey bees swarming the top of the fire hydrant had found it a good place to stop while searching for a new home.

“Once it gets warm and sunny, if there are two queens, a hive will split up and some will follow one queen to find a new place to go,” Lee said.

Decked out in a beekeeper’s protective suit, Lee used a bee vacuum to suck the small swarm inside and make them ready for removal. A filter inside keeps them contained without hurting them.

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