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Ward enjoys playing cornerback position

There's a lot of pressure that comes with playing cornerback. You're out on an island most of the time and people only remember you if you make an interception or you get scored on.

Devonte Ward has played cornerback ever since he was in eighth grade. Now as a senior, he's starting for the first time at the varsity level for Eisenhower's 2-3 football team.

"Being put on an island with another receiver to guard somebody is really tough," Ward said. "Before the snap, I just look to see how they're lined up. Whenever the ball is hiked, just read the linemen to see if it's a pass or a run. I like it. It's good. It's fun."

The biggest adjustment, Ward said, was playing in front of a bigger crowd, which is something he's grown to love.

"It's way different from JV and playing in front of all of them people," Ward said. "You get nervous but you get over it. I got over it. I like playing in front of a lot of people. But playing as a defensive back, if something bad happens, everyone sees it. Like if a lineman did something wrong, not everyone sees it. There's a little bit extra pressure on me. I don't want to get burned."

Ward's biggest play of the season came in Ike's dominant 40-13 win at Del City back on Sept. 12. Ward made one of the team's four interceptions. It was his first and only so far this season.

"The wide receiver ran a 5-yard in and the quarterback overthrew him," Ward said. "The receiver had missed the ball and it shocked in and the quarterback overthrew him," Ward said. "The receiver had missed the ball and it shocked me because I didn't think he was going to miss it. So I was bobbling the ball and then when I caught it, I was shocked that I caught it so I didn't know where to go. I was just looking for where to go and I went running down the sideline. It felt good. I got hype, everybody got hype. It felt good.


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