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Vrska: An open letter to Mac

What's up, MacArthur?

It seems like we had a little misunderstanding last week and I'm here to try and clear it up so the healing can begin.

Yes, I picked you to lose in the Class 5A finals in my weekly picks column. It turned out to be a horrifically bad pick, but it worked out exactly as I planned.

I stayed silent as the players and fans roasted me on various social media platforms and in public.

Did some of the accusations hurt? Of course. Just because I picked against you doesn't mean I, or the Constitution at large, doesn't support you.

In fact, that couldn't be further from the truth.

This fine newspaper supports you and the rest of the community in every way and equally. We don't play favorites here. The coverage for all three city football teams is the same each week: notebook and senior feature on your designated day (which is rotated each year), advances of roughly the same length and a game story.

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