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Twinning while title chasing

ELGIN  Clever as they are, Izzy and Gabby Cummins figured they could get away with it.

As twins, you have to use your identical traits to your advantage.

So one day, way back in the third grade, the lively twin sisters decided to execute "The Parent Trap"–like switch and flip-flop classes.

Their mom even replicated Gabby's mole on Izzy's face  one of the few traits to distinguish the inseparable pair of junior basketball stars.

In separate classes for the whole day, Izzy walked into Gabby's class hoping to pull the stunt off. It was worth a try.

"All of our friends ratted her out," Gabby laughed retelling their scheme. "'That's not Gabby!' The teacher said, 'If you're not Gabby, I'm sending you to the principal's office.'"

Like any twin, Izzy did the noble thing. She stood up for her sister and lied.

"I sat down and said, 'I'm Gabby,'" Izzy recalled.

Eight years later, the Cummins' 'twisters'  a nickname given by their mom  are still trying to use their look-alike expertise to fool others.

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