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A studious look...

The calendar turns from October to November this week, signaling several distinct changes.

Decorations depicting pumpkins and ghosts will soon be replaced by those emblazoned with turkeys and pilgrims. The weather will get cooler. The college football season will head down the home stretch.

The end of the college football season will occur almost simultaneously with the end of most fall semesters for students. How appropriate considering Oklahoma and Oklahoma State have gone through patches of this season like talented, but lackadaisical students.

If you are still in school or have been in school at some point in life, you remember what exam week was like, right? For some, it was a week of a semester's worth of mistakes in a few days, hoping to get a good enough grade on the final to salvage an otherwise lackluster semester. For others, they knew they had taken care of business throughout the semester and had very little to worry about heading into the big test. Why would they worry? They were prepared.

I'm not going to tell you which student I typically was, nor will I ask you which one you were. But I can tell you which type of student OU and OSU have been playing like this season ahead of their big Bedlam "exam" this weekend.

Even though they have played less-than-stellar in many of the past five games, Oklahoma still knows it is possible to make the college football playoff if other things go well. The Sooners, right now, are like a college student who fails several tests but has figured out what he or she still needs to make on the final to get an A.

Or if you want a more accurate educational analogy, the Sooner team has been assigned a group project and has not given the effort necessary to make an A. Luckily for them, they have the star student of the class in their group.

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