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Studies very important to Lawton

It might be hard to determine the most athletic player on the MacArthur football team, but when it comes to the smartest, one name stands out  Brandon Lawton.

"If you asked our team in a meeting who's the smartest one, they'd all say Brandon Lawton all at the same time," Mac coach Brett Manning said. "There's no secret he's probably the smartest person in our facility."

There is no doubt the senior left guard has accomplished a lot throughout his academic career. A 4.0 student, Lawton is no stranger to pushing himself in the classroom.

In addition to taking AP calculus and anatomy at school, he is also enrolled in concurrent classes at Cameron University. Lawton has excelled in so many classes at Mac, he said it was difficult deciding what to enroll in for his final year.

"I've basically run out of sciences to take here," Lawton said. "I already took AP biology, AP physics and AP chemistry, so anatomy was the last science I could take. Last year, I took (composition) 1 and 2 at Cameron, so I have no English to take this year  I'm taking psychology instead. I have no math left, and I (tested) out of college algebra already. I also have all of my history stuff done."

If that's not enough, Lawton made an impressive score of 34 on the ACT. The highest someone can make on that standardized test is a 36.

Of course, Lawton plans to put his brain to good use once he graduates high school this spring. He plans to get in a medical program, though he doesn't know where yet. He has, however, narrowed his choices to the University of Oklahoma, Baylor and Rice.

Lawton hasn't had a chance to take on any internships thanks to his busy schedule, but he does take advantage of opportunities provided by his family.

"My mom is a nurse, so I go in (the hospital) and watch some open-heart surgeries and foot surgeries to check out what I like and what I don't," Lawton said. "I like to see what it's all about."

Lawton said he has always taken his academics seriously, but en his academics seriously, but he admits he used to be a bit rambunctious as a child.

"Until 3rd grade, I was always that kid who ran around the classroom and did what I wanted," Lawton said. "My parents always told the teachers to give me something to do because I was bored because I'd finish all of my work so fast. So they'd just give me extra work or I'd go read books. I'd read as many books as I could when I was little."

Although Lawton keeps himself busy with school and sports, he still tries to find ways to wind down after a long day, including playing video games.

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