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Lawton High School senior Luke Rehkop, right, stands on the Biodex machine with PT assistant Elio Faranco conducting the test.Lawton High School senior Luke Rehkop uses the Biodex machine to measure his baseline for balance before the season. Setting a baseline now will help players like Renkop during the season if they suffer a head injury to measure post concussion symptoms and keep them safe.

Stopping concussions

McClure wants to end secondary concussion syndrome in Lawton

“We only charge $10 for this test, which we feel is really reasonable. This way if their son or daughter suffers a concussion we can test them again and immediately know where they stand in their recovery. This takes the guesswork out of it and brings science into the equation.”

Anne McClure needed only a few minutes watching video of athletes with secondary concussion syndrome to inspire her to do her part in preventing such injuries to athletes in Lawton and the surrounding area because the sight is a scary one indeed.

"Just go online and look up secondary concussion syndrome and video and you can see some things that will sure open your eyes if you are the parent of an athlete or somebody who works with athletes," McClure said. "It makes you want to do everything you can to make sure we keep young people from going through these reoccurring brain injuries and ruining their futures."

McClure, who operates Physical Therapy Solutions in Lawton, has long been involved in the business of rehabilitation of injuries, especially sports injuries, and in the course of her day-to-day work she noticed that there was a lack of concussion management programs in Lawton.

So, about two years ago she purchased a Biodex Balance Assessment system as a way to help all her patients, not just those with concussion issues.

"We actually use this system on all our patients," she said. "It's a benefit to all our patients to be able to give them cognitive and postural-stability testing."

But, as the sports world started focusing on concussions, she realized that the system could especially help young athletes in not just football but all sports.

"We think of football as the primary cause of concussions but there are also sports like soccer, baseball, softball where athletes can suffer brain injuries," she said. "And, we even see concussions in things like skateboarding and cycling. So you can see this goes way beyond just football."

What the balance assessment system does is give doctors the ability to quantify the elements of balance before and after an injury occurs. The system tests all three sensory feedback systems: visual, vestibular and somatosensory.

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