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Spirit of Survival full of bliss

Long before Sunday's Spirit of Survival half marathon, I suffered quite the hiccup.

I was on a casual run in mid-July with one of my colleagues and close friends, Glen Brockenbush. Of all places, we happened to be running in Elmer Thomas Park in Lawton  the location of the start and finish line in the upcoming Spirit of Survival.

We were just jogging and chatting about sports, as usual. I was distracted by our conversation and wasn't really paying attention to all the potential hazards on the gravel trail at my feet.

At times, I can be quite the klutz, so what happened next shouldn't come as a surprise.

While chatting away, my left foot stumbled upon two large, loose rocks on the trail. Instantly, my foot caved, and I went stumbling into the grass fully aware I had just suffered a severe high ankle sprain.

Sprained ankles happen all the time, but this one was different. I initially thought I could take good care of it with plenty of R-I-C-E  Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation  and in a week or so I would be back to normal. After all, four years ago, I had suffered a similar high ankle sprain and miraculously recovered in only eight days to set a marathon PR of 3:12 at the Twin Cities Marathon.

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