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Speedy West shines on both sides of ball for Mac

Football is a strange sport because sometimes you can be so good at your job that you don't have to work as hard as the other players during a game and that's why MacArthur's Lorenzo West wasn't in on the biggest play of Friday's 28-26 victory over Altus.

On the final play of the game everyone in Hightower Stadium knew that the Bulldogs were going to throw a "Hail Mary" pass, but only the Bulldogs knew where the pass was going. When it was lofted off the hand of Altus quarterback Jayden Benway it went in the direction of three Highlanders, but West wasn't among that group, instead he was drawing a solo assignment on the other side.

"I've had that happen several times this year, teams have gone the other way at times," the senior cornerback said. "On that last play, we had Walter Neil, Tug (Davontre Young) and Jacques Henderson over there and it was Walter who made the interception. That saved us."

West and the Mac defense were forced into that situation because the hands team was unable to recover an Altus onside kick attempt and once again the Bulldogs kicked away from the speedster.

"On the onside kick they did it on the other side, away from me, so I didn't have a chance to make a play there," West said. "When the coaches got us together before that last series they told us not to panic, to be ready for anything and just follow our assignments. Connor (Cherry) made a big play on third down and then on fourth down we got the interception.

"There was some nervousness on the sidelines before that series but we all knew we had the players to get the job done if we just stuck together and trusted each other. But Altus was really a good team; we had to play hard to beat them."

The reason West doesn't always get tested clearly shows in the statistics.

"He's grading out 96 percent on offense and 92 on defense," Mac coach Brett Manning said of the 5-10, 150-pound speedster. "And he graded out 100 percent for effort on defense. I think he wound up with eight tackles. He just does a great job of coming up and supporting on the run. He's the type of cornerback you love to have with great quickness to run man coverage when you need it, but then when they run the ball he's able to come up strong and make the tackle. He played a great game against Altus and that Flex-Bone."

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