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Smith dares to be different

Toughness. Athleticism. Rebounding. Passing. Orange hair.
Those are all things that come to mind when you hear the name Nikki Smith. The senior forward at Eisenhower is one of the best rebounding and passing forwards in the entire state and yes, she does have orange hair.
"Well, I'm always the type to be different," Smith said with a big smile. "So, I was going for fire red, but it came out orange. But I'm still going to rock it to the fullest and I've gotten some compliments and stuff. I just like being different."
That craving to be different is also what helps Smith be a leader on the court. Most players will point to their shooting, rebounding or defense when asked what their best attribute is. Not Smith, who had a more thoughtful answer.
"To be honest, my voice is what I think is best," Smith said. "A lot of people think power or strength, no, I think my voice is my No. 1 thing. On the floor, you need someone to be vocal. We're a real vocal team and I think that's my best asset."

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