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Scribe's wife uses unique system, gives hubbie lesson

I'm not a betting man  I don't take a lot of risks.

When the NCAA Tournament rolls around each year, I rarely deviate from the blue bloods, and I never join any office pools to save myself the embarrassment if my bracket flops (it always does).

Last year was different. I was feeling lucky.

I've seen many stories of people with no sports knowledge succeeding in March Madness office pools, picking teams by mascots and team colors. To test this phenomenon, I challenged my basketball-inept fiancée Kelsey, who is now my wife, to fill out her first bracket.

Kelsey barely watches sports, let alone college basketball.

I took her to the 2014 Bedlam game in Gallagher-Iba Arena, and she fell asleep.

"I don't like watching sports," Kelsey said. "Sometimes it's just on at my house, and that's kind of what I have to watch if I want to watch TV."

If Kelsey doesn't sound like a bracketology prodigy, think again.

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