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Rekhop's return helps LHS defense

It's been quite a journey for Lucas Rekhop at Lawton High. He suffered a torn ACL near the end of his junior year of football while practicing for wrestling, but one thing never changed: his will.

Rekhop trained hard to get ready for his senior year and he's back manning the middle of the defensive line and being the guy that soaks up blockers to free everyone else to make tackles.

It's something Rekhop enjoys and relishes despite being the guy that fans won't notice since he's normally double-teamed and not making solo tackles.

"It all starts out with the launch. You always want to have a good launch and good hand placement so you can always make sure the offensive lineman can't get to the linebacker," Rekhop said. "We all have our gaps, so I always want to make sure (the linebackers) have a gap because they're the real tacklers of our system. I want to win no matter what. It's not just about me. I'm a big team-player."

His head coach, Randy Breeze, went further in-depth about how Rekhop helps the Wolverine defense.

"He guarantees that he's going to be double-teamed. He's in a lot of tackles, but doesn't get the chance to make a lot of solo tackles because they're going to double-team him every snap. The good thing about it is our linebackers are allowed to run free. If you get a noseguard that can be blocked 1-on-1, then you've got problems."

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