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Muniz lacks size, not heart, on OL

Charles Barkley was notoriously undersized for a power forward in the NBA. The Hall-of-Famer was listed at a generous 6-6, but was probably closer to 6-5. Yet he still found a way to average more than 10 rebounds in 15 of his 16 seasons.

Ed Muniz has the same "problem." As a Class 6A offensive lineman, Muniz is listed at 5-8(1/2). That might be slightly generous, but in his eyes, it doesn't matter. He goes up against taller guys nearly every single game and gets the job done. Just like Barkley, the lineman's motor never stops.

"You just have to have heart," Muniz said. "You have to have it in your head that 'I'm going to dominate this play,' and have zero doubt in your mind that you will do it. That along with hard work in the off season and technique. You gotta have good technique or you're not going to be very good."

That hard work and good technique has led to Muniz being named a starter the last couple of seasons. He missed time in 2013 because of a knee injury but is back to doing his job. He's not flashy, and his position doesn't get talked about much unless it leads to a bad play, but he loves it.

His leadership, character, intelligence (he's a possible valedictorian) and all the other intangibles led to him being given the No. 55 jersey to wear. No. 55 and No. 5 are big honors at Lawton High that are only bestowed on the two players the coaching staff feels best represent what a Wolverine should be. For Muniz, it's sort of a dream come true.

"My freshman year, I suited up (for) varsity and Adam Castro, he's a coach now, was a senior and he got to wear 55 his senior year and we made a quick connection," Muniz said. "I look up to him a lot and I told him my freshman and sophomore years 'Castro, my senior year I'm going to get 55 and I'm going to wear it for you.' That is what drives me out there. Not just for him, but for my team. I want to be there for them and give them my all.

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