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McSwane out to win Fury title, then retire

For years, even when he was a head-hunting linebacker and star wrestler at MacArthur High School, Rodney McSwane earned the reputation of being the toughest guy around and in recent years he's proved that in Toughman contests, MMA battles and even cage fights.

Now the Lawton native is about at the end of his career and he's planning to go out in style by winning another title in the Fists of Fury No. 4 Saturday at the Great Plains Coliseum. The first fight begins at 7:30 p.m.

McSwane, who now goes by the nickname, "The Christian" has a huge following and with this being his last fight, organizers are expecting a good crowd to come out and support the local fighter.

However, McSwane isn't the only local fighter. The 13 matches inside the steel cage will feature a Fort Sill product and even a woman's MMA match.

All of the action will be under the direction of the Oklahoma Boxing and Athletic Commission, which will be on site to protect the safety of the fighers and make sure all the precautions and rules are followed, giving all the fighters a fair chance to win a title.

However, the main card will be an Oklahoma title belt fight which will feature two of the area's toughest guys, Weatherford's Art "The Shark" Parker going against McSwane. Parker has compiled a 6-1 record in MMA action, while McSwane, a three-time all-state wrestling, has forged a 3-1 mark in the MMA ranks.

If McSwane can pull off the victory, he would become the oldest fighter to hold the belt in state history.

"Rodney has been a great former champion and the fans love the way he competes," promoter James Morris has said about the local man. "He's now in his 40s but he's training hard and just as tough as ever. This guys has a training regime that is tough to beat. He delivers Coors there for Southwest Sales and lugging all those kegs and cases around day in, day out, helps him stay as strong as anyone in the ring. He also says he trains with a huge sled hammer, using that to help build his arm and shoulder muscles to where he can deliver a devastating blow.

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