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MacArthur star QB Collins has great story to tell

Talk about pressure, writing this week's MacArthur player feature is not only a challenge for this writer, but also for my subject, MacArthur senior quarterback Will Collins, as we strive to make sure it's grammatically correct or face the consequences.

You see, mom Martha Collins is an English teacher at Eisenhower High School and her son took great care in making sure he avoided the slang terms that often come from young athletes who spend hours each day communicating with their friends.

And, as we all know, texting doesn't involve great grammar.

But I've talked to Collins before and this interview was no different; whenever he speaks he does so with a firm, confident voice, giving off an air of confidence. So, when I asked him who would get in trouble if this feature wasn't grammatically correct, he quickly shouldered the blame.

"She'll be mad at me if I say something incorrect, that's what makes good teachers," he said with a big grin. "She's always done a good job helping me whenever I need help. When I was younger she spent time helping us but as we got older she told us that it was our grade and we needed to have pride in our work and do it on our own. However, she always told us if we needed help, just ask, that she was always willing to help if we needed it."

Obviously the honor student doesn't need a great deal of help in the classroom; anyone can figure that out just by hearing one of the schools recruiting him the most aggressively  Yale. 

Yale just doesn't go out and recruit the best athletes; you have to be a great athlete and an exceptional student, one who will fit the strict academic structure at an Ivy League School.

"Our parents have always encouraged us to be good at everything we do," Collins said. "My dad  Scott  is a retired Colonel. We were living in Perry and I had two brothers who were on state championship wrestling teams up there. My brother David was quarterback at West Point, so we've always been a pretty athletic family.

"My dad was in the National Guard and had the opportunity to go back in the Army, so that's when we moved to Lawton."

While he's all business most of the time, the Mac leader also showed a good sense of humor, bragging about his "younger" sister who just happened to be twin sister Maggie who is a whopping eight minutes younger.


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