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Lawton High NoteBook/Week 2

The wheels on the bus... stop

Friday night on the return trip from Salina, Kansas, the Lawton High football team encountered problems. The Wolverines started the trip with all three of the new white buses that have all three high schools' names printed on the sides.

They made it home with one.

Near Blackwell, about 15 minutes south of the Kansas border, a faulty emergency system shut down the first bus. A few miles later, the second one broke a hose forcing around 55 players, coaches and trainers to pack into the one remaining bus.

"We were very lucky. We had a parent that can drive buses, Jack Hanna, and he picked one up on his way back," LHS head coach Randy Breeze said. "They brought in a real good mechanic and he fixed both of them. It would have been $1,000 per bus to tow those things."

Luckily, 20 Wolverines stayed with family in Salina after the game otherwise 80 people would have had to ride on the same bus.

"We had enough room with the other two buses," Breeze said. "Things like that happen. Those buses ran great on the way up there. You can't imagine how nice an air-conditioned bus is this time of year. We weren't too worried. Now, when the second one went down, it was a little scary because we had smoke on the bus and we got a bad smell. We evacuated the bus immediately and got the fire extinguishers out. We felt like it might be on fire, but it wasn't. We packed them all onto the third bus and got them safely home."

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