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Lawton High NoteBook / Week 5

The Ron Stephens Stadium Effect

Putnam City West's best chance to beat Lawton High last week was for the Wolverines to be bewildered about playing in a strange stadium in their hometown. Obviously the 55-0 final showed the Wolverines didn't care about playing in old Ron Stephens Stadium.

Head coach Randy Breeze enjoyed it.

"I explained the tradition of the stadium (to the team)," Breeze said. "I told them in 1958, the state title game was played there. I wish the walls of the stadium could talk. I told them it would be neat. It turned out to be a fun place to play. Our sideline was full. We appreciate Cameron a little more now."

That state title game in 1958 was an 8-6 barnburner that ended with Capitol Hill lifting the Gold Ball. It was Capitol Hill's third title in 10 years but the last it has won.

The last time Lawton High School played a varsity game at Ron Stephens was in 1977 against MacArthur. Cameron was laying down turf at the time.

"It was a fun crowd that was a lot closer (to the field)," Breeze said of the '77 game. "They were more into it."

With no idea when Cameron Stadium's power will be lighting up the field again, Ron Stephens will be the home for all three high schools.

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